Best Table Saw Reviews 2017

Every professional woodworker has a table saw, which is an irreplaceable power tool to cut wood in a fast and precise way. This is our best table saw reviews 2017, we will state the best table saws and make a critique as well as look at what other users have to say.

– Jet JBTS-10MJS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw:

Jet JBTS-10MJS - best table saw review 2017The specification of this table saw would likely make many jobsites want to have it. Endowed with a 4.4hp motor and a 25’’ rip capacity, this saw can definitely handle any though job and the inclusion a wheel on this model makes it all good?

There are several features that make this product standout, like the closing stand, the transport wheels and the fact that this product weighs less than 100 pounds. Another fantastic aspect is the ease of changing blade.

What are its downsides? Most users complain about the small workspace, apparently due to the small size of the table saw, and also the absence of a dust collection system.

My opinion on the product: The machine has its downside, but they are definitely overwhelmed by the positives. If you are looking for a large machine for a job, then this model might not be the best for you, however if you want a sturdy and portable machine that can last the test of time, then you should get this.

Best Dewalt, Saw Stop, Bosch, Makita, Ridgid table saws of 2017

– Makita 2705 Contractor Table Saw

This is a 10 inches saw which can be used a jobsites or placed on top o a bench. It has a capacity of 15 amp motor and a 4,800rpm cutting pace. It also has a cutting capacity of 3 to 5/8 inches at 90 degrees and 2 to 1/2 inches at 45 degrees. It also has a large power switch and an easy to understand scale.

Several feature of this machine has attracted positive comments, features such as the blade guard, the accessory storage facility, its accuracy and many more.

What are its downsides? Users have made assertions about the weight of the product, which is obvious due to its powerful build, though this only arises when you intend to move it. Others have also complained about the lack of dust collection system.

My opinion on the product: if this brand is compare with products of other brands within same specification, it will be shown that the Makita 2705 saw, beats most by a mile. So if you can handle the weight, then it’s a good buy.

– SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw

SKIL 3410-02 contractor table sawThis saw is endowed with a 15 amp motor, 10 inch blade, and 3.5 inch cut capacity. It is a simple table saw which is very suitable for DIY and household woodworking projects.

The simplicity of the machine makes it very easy to use for both novices and is most appropriate for households. Its size of the machine makes it very portable and as such can b easily move around to any work-site. Users also commended it’s the accuracy.

What are its downsides? The design of the product is not very enticing, however most professional users are happy for its portability. Another issue is that the product isn’t very tough, also there are basically no instruction on how to use the saw.

My opinion on the product: This saw is not built for big jobs; it’s basically built for the inexperienced and for household users. If meant for house hold use or professional use, then you can get one otherwise this isn’t the table saw for you.

– Craftsman Evolv Table Saw

Craftsman Evolv portable job site table sawThis saw was built with the consumers at heart; it is small and very light to carry. Despite its size, it is still a very strong product. It has a capacity of 15 amps and a 12 inch Saw is an optional 25×17 inch steel table top.

The inclusion of an easy asses switch is one nice feature, also several introduce safety features like the blade guard anti-kickback pawls had attracted positive reviews.

What are its downsides? One major aspect that had attracted criticism is the stand, the saw is mounted on, it looks little light and wobbly for the very strong and reliable saw it is meant for.

My opinion on the product: This product is very recommendable, despite the problems with the stand, the saw itself is a great piece to have, its reliable and can definitely match any kind of job.

– Delta Power Tools 36-5152 Table Saw

Delta Power Tools 36-5152 table saw 2017 reviewThis saw looks very strong and professional; it has a 52 inch rip capacity and is made with tough cast iron wings and rails.

This product is a genuine machine to own, users are all impressed by everything about this table saw, from its power to accuracy, and the availability of instructions gives it an edge over most products within the same specification. It also has a blade guide and a dust port and host.

Another positive is the transport wheels and the fact that it has a weight of 305lbs.

What are its downsides? One problem is the performance of the machine when it’s been power with an extension cord, it kids of fluctuates. In other words, the machine is affected when the wrong power source is used.

My opinion on the product: This is one of the best products, comparable with anyone with same specifications, the only issue is to use it on the right power source for optimum performance.