Creating Unique Avatars from Your Photos Via Avatar Making Tools

What are avatars?
Avatars (in this context) refers to a graphical representation (an animated figure), meant to represent you (the user) or your alter ego, on an internet forum, a video game or on other relevant platforms. Avatars may be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional depending on the platforms where it’s being used. Two-dimensional avatars are those used on internet forums and social chats, while 3-dimensional avatars are used more prominently in video games (or virtual realities), where you create a “life-like” character to represent you. This article will be covering the 2-dimensional avatar type you can create using free avatar creator like

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Why Use Avatars?
Most internet forums and chats have provisions for the upload of your profile picture, but instead of uploading your picture or that of your favorite pet or even your adored landscape or other forms of graphics, why use an avatar? Well, there may be a few reasons:
Mystery: The use of an avatar adds an extra layer of mystery to your profile. This can really come in handy on some “geeky” platforms, where you want your representation to blend in, while commanding attention at the same time.

Alter ego: Sometimes your natural appearance doesn’t portray the desired presentation that matches your profile, for instance if you want to appear in a wrestling forum, you certainly don’t want to look like a computer nerd. This is where avatars come in.
Identity protection: Sometimes you just don’t want people to recognize you straight-up and you simply want to contribute as a neutral participant, in this case, all you need is to use an avatar.

Using Avatar Creators
There are many avatar making tools available online, but Avatar Maker, (among others), allows you to create avatars from your photos. This is a very nice way of creating a “cartoon you,” that you can tweak around and utilize for a variety of purposes. The processes involved in (photo-based) avatar creation, is as follows:
Select the photo: All photo to avatar tools have the image upload option. Different tools have different requirements as touching the image property, but generally, the uploadable images should be in the .gif, .jpg or .png formats for compatibility with the software. The image resolution can also vary considerably, depending on the avatar creator you’re using.

Select size and crop: Once you’ve uploaded the photo you wish to convert; the next step is usually to select the avatar size you desire and then crop the relevant area. Some software have preset formats you can use as well as custom options.

Customize your avatar: The next step is to tweak around the resulting “raw avatar,” until it perfectly suits your taste. Many people love to add designed glasses, change their hairstyles, skin colour and a host of other features. But ultimately, the amount of time you spend at this point depends on you.

Save your avatar: Once you’re satisfied with your created avatar, you must not forget to save it on your machine or even external drives. Some software don’t have provisions for the storage of your created images, so you’ll have to ensure you save it manually, else, your effort may just be in vain. Generally, the resulting image will be in the format of the original photo uploaded, except you specify otherwise.
Why You Should Use Avatar Creators
It is free: Avatar making tools are usually free (except for a few, of course), so usually, you don’t need to pay any fee, either for registration or for software utilization. So, you can just visit the websites anytime and get everything done the same instant.

It is online: You don’t need to download or install any special app to use these services, neither do you need product keys or CDs, so you need not worry about system properties or compatibility. Once you have internet access, you can create as many avatars as you desire.

Avatar creation can be for a variety of purposes, from “simply having fun” to creating professional outlooks, whichever the case, the ability to create avatars from your existing photos really kicks the process up a notch and since it’s free and easy to access, you might as well go ahead and make yours.