Pokemon go game review

From its release in the mid of 2016 to up till this time, the Pokémon go is the most downloaded and played game around the globe. According to the statistics the Pokémon Go app is downloaded by 500 million game enthusiasts and there are 20 million users every day who enjoy the game. From its inception, it has earned the revenue of mind wobbling $600 million and it still increasing and if we talk about the daily earning of this game, you would not believe that it is earning $ 2 million per day.

pokemon go review

Pokémon go is a very unique game which is based on a very famous animated cartoon series “Pokémon” which previously thought is really famous among the children but after the release of the game, it was observed that not only children but elders are also the big fans of this cartoon series as the 78% of the players of the Pokémon go are aged between 16-34 years of age.

As, there are so many research studies conducted on the playing of the computer or mobile games and these reports shows that how these are adverse for their health as well as their fitness, this game is unique in a sense that you can’t play it with sitting in your room with cozy surroundings but you have to get out of your house or place to play it like if you want o catch the Pokémon than you have to walk a certain amount of distance and if you want to hatch the obtained egg than you even have to walk more in some instances 2-5 kms, which is a really big distance to cover. But, there are some benefits associated with it which are as follows:
As you are walking a lot in for the sake of catching or hatching the Pokémon’s, so it’s not only increases your level and rank in the game but also it increases the level of your fitness and health in your real life. So it’s a big benefit of the game that you are becoming fit and enjoying the game simultaneously, which not only saves your time but also your money which you may have to spend on your health.

As the game requires you to wander in the open space and you get the chance to enjoy fresh air and sunlight which is really good for a human body and in addition you come to know about different places in your area like new restaurants, clubs, gyms and etc as you have to wander to the different parts of your area to catch the Pokémon’s.
This game also got you acquainted with different historical, educational and other unique places which are in your neighborhood but you don’t know about them. The game has sets up the poke stops and gyms at these places which gives you another benefit of playing it.

This game has turned people to the streets once again which were only confined to their spaces. Now so many people get on the roads and parks and they interact and talk with each other. They share their experiences, levels and tips and tricks about the game. In fact, now people are also making friends other than on social platforms and this is the biggest advantage of this game that people are coming out of the virtual world and have started to interact with each other personally.
According to a study, playing Pokémon go increases your life expectancy by 41 days and now it is not false to say that the game increases the life as well and is a therapy for many diseases and health disorders.

If you want to catch lots of Pokémon’s, then head towards the parking lots as they do have plenty.
You should turn the AR (augmented reality) on your cell phone while trying to catch the Pokémon which is really fast and difficult to capture, as the effort will drained off your battery. So as soon as you catch the Pokémon you can on this feature any time.

For much more pleasure and enjoyment, play the game in the off hours like in the morning or late at night but take due care before getting out during these hours and avoid the places which you think are not safe to go.
If you have just started to play the game and don’t have much experience about it, then you should ASAP know the location of the gyms and poke stops so that you don’t have to struggle much in finding them. For that you can take help from the online maps and other sites locating all these places in your area.
And like the above, there are so many other tips which will help you to make your way upwards in the game quickly and easily.