Should You Ever Use Smart DNS Proxy


Smart DNS technology is used all over the world to unblock restricted websites. This includes sites that contain restricted content like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix, just to name a few. Smart DNS proxies are easy to install. You no longer have to be encircled with regional censorships. Smart DNS enables the user to stream content from all these sites, as well as play games meant to be accessed from certain regions. Having said that, here are additional reasons why you should be using smart DNS proxy.

No More Restrictions

With smart DNS proxy, all those regional restrictions will be a thing of the past. You don’t have to miss out on your favorite content, just because you are travelling from the US and heading to another country. With a smart DNS proxy, you can access content from anywhere in the world. For example, if you are an expatriate and you have just been posted to a geo-restricted country, smart DNS proxies come in handy, ensuring that you stay updated with your favorite moves and shows. Whether your favorite content is on Netflix or Hulu, smart DNS unlocks all of them, giving you that access every time.


Stream Faster

When it comes to watching content from streaming sites, some people will tell you that you can also use a VPN. It’s true. You can also use a VPN. However, the main problem with using VPNs, is their slow response and loading speeds. Unlike smart DNS that does not encrypt information, a VPN first encrypts all your details, then sends them over a network. All that data encryption takes a significant amount of bandwidth and time, which eventually results to slower streaming times. Therefore, if you want to stream faster, a smart DNS proxy is always the best option. Apart from that, with a smart DNS, all you need to do is modify the DNS settings on your device, then stream as you like.

You Access More Content

There are various means of unblocking restricted content. VPNs and smart DNS are the most popular. However, if you want to access more content, it is advisable to use smart DNS. It unlocks more content as compared to VPN connections. Additionally, smart DNS proxies are more adapted to bypassing blockages that the service provider might attempt to impose. A good example is a recent ban of VPNs by Netflix. Even better is the fact that most smart DNS proxies allow you to stream geo-restricted content simultaneously, from different parts of the world. If streaming is your main priority, smart DNS is always the best.

Easy to Use

Although smart DNS proxies appear like something made to be used by tech savvy individuals, the truth is, they are made for the ordinary person. They are designed and built to be used by every person who wants to access geo-restricted content. For example, most people use them to widen their regional content accessibility. For example, you can be staying in London but you want to access Netflix US. Smart DNS proxies will simply take your data and re-route it via a web server located in a certain part of the world, which has access to the geo-restricted content. This provides you with accessibility to Netflix US, straight from your home in London.

Does Not Require Third Party Applications

After installing and configuring smart DNS proxies, you don’t need to set up any form of 3rd party applications or even a software program to your device. You just change the DNS settings on your device, or consult a smart DNS service provider, and you are ready to access geo-blocked content. Some third party applications are usually bundled with keyloggers or malware that might harm your computer. This makes smart DNS proxies safe to use over crosscutting devices.


With a selection of many global websites preventing users from restricted regions from accessing their content, using a smart DNS is the best move. It enables you to access all restricted content from such sites, which is basically unblocking those websites. Smart DNS can be used in various devices and operating systems, giving you unrestricted access from all parts of the world. Smart DNS proxies are cheaper and faster than VPNs. Additionally, they are much easier to configure and use.