Tips Before Logging into IMVU

IMVU is a great social networking media which is also combined with downloadable chat program. Social media features like chat room, messaging groups, user profiles and there are many more such social media features. The basic membership offered by IMVU mobile is free but it also comes with credit which is limited. Note, you can unlock VIP membership and obtain extra credits using external software like IMVU Mobile Hack. You can create avatars and you can use your credits to modify the avatar. By spending 10dollars you can upgrade your status to VIP by enabling various features.

Overbearing sexual content

Like every other social media, IMVU mobile also has its both sides. But the fact is that the cons outweigh the pros. The overbearing sexual content is problem in this site. Specially in various chat rooms and groups the depiction of sexual content is excessive but there are some people who put 18+ or “XXX” signs in the title of there groups. It is not at all a problem to get into these groups for kids. Due to the rebellion nature kids are likely to get into these groups but it is also to be mentioned that every group of there is not posting sexual contents there are many groups which are devoid of any sexual contents. In the 3D chartroom of IMVU there are lots of viruses which are responsible to crash various computers within two weeks of installation. The computers also work slowly after installation due to the increasing file size of the software.

Cons of logging into IMVU

Generally the predators who are sitting in the internet they are not seeking for your kids. But it is very important to keep personal things out from the profiles and the actual information’s should not be there in your user profile. There is an option in the homepage which shows “Friends only”, this mode should be activated so that nobody except yourself and the people whom you have added as friends will see your updates. It is very important to customize your privacy settings in this manner. It is very important as a parent to look after these things because in this era information’s get absorbed within no time into the virtual world. With growing age kids become vulnerable to these harmful effects of the virtual world. Though your children will think you as a worry warty or dramatic but it is natural to do so. Also the customer support of IMVU doesn’t exist. It is impossible to get to them. Only by filing rapid complaints you can get to them and it is very important to try everything. They tend to provide a help ticket which also mechanical. Thus the whole IMVU game is a virtual one so it is very important to play it safe.

Pros of logging into IMVU

Other than these negative things there are also many positive things about this application, like every other social media you can interact and make friends with all the people around the globe and also you can keep in touch with the old ones. Most of the social site doesn’t offer you to enhance your graphics skills, here you can easily enhance your graphics skills and you can be very creative while being in this process. Also you can develop your writing skills. Just like Facebook and MySpace it is very common that one gets hooked with the creative juices flowing around but this is not necessarily addictive and it can be used as an application just for fun and there are many people round the globe who find this app as an interesting addition to their social media. Though nudity is a little problem but when the other person is exhibiting nude photo, you will be able to see it without having a “VIP” access.

If you can keep your information out from this profile and you aspire to be graphics illustrator or a writer, this is a very great platform for you. It is very important to keep your name, photo, workplace and other details out of this profile. It is a medium to interact with new people, get new ideas and taste of different culture. Also IMVU has launched credit based companies and websites which offer credits better than the company itself with virtual currencies.

This kind of social Medias have pros and cons but it is very important that who is using it and how are you utilizing it. If it is used for creative and enlightening processes then there is no harm using this media. But is very important to be careful because the online predators are very much clever and they can harm you.